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WARNING: This wiki contains untagged spoilers! Tread with caution.

This is a fan wiki for Twilight Mirage, a sci-fi season of Friends at the Table set in the titular Twilight Mirage, a simulated nebula.

Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find them at Friends_Table on Twitter, and support them on Patreon at

Twilight MirageEdit

Taking place 30,000 years after COUNTER/Weight, Twilight Mirage uses The Veil to tell the story of both the Divine Fleet, as well as the people living within it; and those who leave it behind in order to seek a new home for those souls in the fleet.

New listeners to Friends at the Table do not need to go back and listen to Season 2: COUNTER/Weight in order to enjoy Twilight Mirage, as only broad concepts from that season will be carrying over.

This season is partially a response to the COUNTER/Weight notion: "We could have built them to look like anything, but we made them look like us."

Instead, there are a couple of principle statements that are in contrast to the previous notion, namely: "This place that is ours is fundamentally good. It might be in disrepair, it might be falling apart. But it was good for us." and a central tenet is that "The Divines are not exactly like humans, they have thoughts that are different; they think more quickly, they are stronger."

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Referenced in Episode 0,

There were 300 of the intelligent, powerful 'robot gods' known as Divines at the peak of the Divine Fleet. Then, about 1000 years ago, that number started to dive. 300 years later it stabilized to around 8. And then the last couple of decades it's dropped down to just 2. The show opens on the day of the death of the second to last one.

The main ships, each one created by one of the friends and home to one of the player characters, were each once home to a Divine; but no longer. Nearly all of them have perished in some way and each ship has both lost some function they once contributed to the fleet while a Divine was present, but still provides something as a whole to the fleet; just modified or reduced in some way since the Divine was removed from the equation.

One half of the party plays to find out what happens among these very ships; the other half will be playing on a planet that is a possible home for the now-failing Divine Fleet.

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Twilight Mirage cover art by Craig Sheldon

The Friends Edit

Austin Walker as the GM

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